Being Great in Math as a Source of Additional Income

Life Hack – use your skills in Math to earn extra!

math tutor helps save roof and plumbing problems
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It is universally known that Math is one of the hardest subjects there is. Kids from all ages will attest to that, and even the not so young people still admit to having trouble with Math. In its practical sense, Math is easier now because of the many gadgets that provide calculators and formulas for almost all Mathematical problems there is. However, schools teach Math and forbid the usage of calculators unless for higher Math that really calls for its help.

It is because of Math’s terrifying difficulty that a lot of Math geniuses are able to make money out of giving tutorials. I have a student from last semester that shared with me his unique experiences while handling home tutorials for kids in his area.

There was one particular incident where he somehow became the hero of the family of his tutee, not just because their son was gaining higher grades in Math, but because he was able to save their house from greater damages due to strong rain.

What happened was that he was just starting his lessons with his tutee when Mrs. Perez, the mother, asked if it was okay to leave him and the son so she could go and buy some groceries. Seeing no harm in it, he said it was okay. However, fate happened, and it rained really hard. Mrs. Perez called him through his cellphone to check on them and he said that they were just fine. They continued with the lesson when suddenly he heard dripping noises from the inside of the house. He searched for the source of the noise only to find out that a large hole on the roof near the corner of the house is causing a mini flood on the floor. He immediately went to get a bucket from the bathroom and placed in under the dripping roof. He also got bowls and whatever he could use to catch the dripping water that began to multiply all over the room. There was one in the center now and another near the large hole by the corner but not near enough to have it drip on the same bucket as the large one.

When Mrs. Perez came home also dripping from the rain outside, she was shocked upon seeing bowls and buckets all over the room dripping with water. She thanked him for taking care of the matter. He replied that it was not a problem and that Ms. Perez should call a roofing and plumbing company soon in order to address the problems in this newly bought home they have.

The story not only aims to tell you that you can earn a lot of extra cash by being a tutor. It also showcases just how much experience one can gain from being a Math tutor. Students with the ability to understand Math much better than normal kids do, should try venturing into the tutorial business for added income and the chance to help other kids as well.

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