Hacking Your Inner Desires: When to Know If a New Home Feels Right

After all our struggles and hard work in order to be financially stable enough to buy a house, we all would want to purchase that one house that would fell like it was meant to be our home. Hence, we all go to a lot of troubles, and trial and error processes in order to make sure that when we do approve of a home, it is the one that we have always wanted.

However, how can you know if you have found the right house to buy?

While nothing is universal in this aspect, let me at least give you a few things to keep in mind when buying a home. This way, you can better assess whether to the one you are looking at is indeed the house of your dreams, or if you still have to ask your real estate agencies to look for more options.

You feel an inner connection once you enter the house

Never settle for a house you only saw through videos and pictures. Make sure you give it a visit. Once you enter, feel the entire vibe and aura of the house. Does it make you want to stay? If it does, then you have hit jackpot. But, if it only makes you want to end the tour as soon as possible, then obviously, it still is not the right house for you.

Check the Bathroom

This may seem weird, but people should feel a certain level of comfort in their house bathrooms. Hence, this is one of the most important parts of the house you have to check. If you see the bathroom and you do not feel any hesitation to enter it, then perhaps that bathroom is just right for you. However, if the moment you saw the door and you felt an instant repulse, then realize that this means you should give the house a second thought.

When you start “protecting” the house

You continue to feel cozy while touring the house when suddenly, your agent tells you that there is a problem in the kitchen area or in the living room area. Instead of feeling negative about it, you stay positive and say “well, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, right?”

When you start feeling positive about a house and you start defending its flaws, then you must have really fallen in love with the house. If that happens, BUY IT.

You can’t wait to talk about it with your partner/family

You can’t wait to end the tour, not because you want to leave, but because you want to bring the good news to your loved ones – you found the perfect home.


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